Getting Back on Track

Welcome! Choosing to see a therapist, or have your teenager or young adult see a therapist is one of the most difficult decisions a person can make and I applaud you.

Are you struggling with how to help your troubled teen or young adult? Frustrated? Have you tried everything?  It might be time for a different perspective and some new ideas, some professional help. Whether you are the parent or the teenager, Back On Track Counseling (BOTC) can help. It’s important to find a good fit with a therapist. You need to feel comfortable and understood.

BOTC provides a safe and confidential environment to do just that. You are free to say what you think and feel, without being judged.

BOTC helps teens directly.  We support and help parents struggling with their teens.  BOTC helps college students and young adults who are trying to adjust to all the changes in their lives. People come to counseling for all kinds of issues, such as depression and anxiety.  Mood swings, not sleeping or always sleeping, and feeling stressed out are very common complaints.  BOTC can help you with family conflict, parents who are divorcing or are divorced, and their boyfriend/girlfriend issues.  Do you feel overwhelmed, tired all the time, or worry constantly? Tired of drama, fighting, feeling confused, or don’t want to hurt yourself anymore but don’t know how to stop?  BOTC can help you.

BOTC also provides counseling to adults who are dealing with stress, difficult life events or trauma.  People experiencing depression and anxiety are helped by BOTC.  We can help with marital and family conflict.  There is help for grief and loss of a loved one.  Problems can seem insurmountable. Together, we overcome them and find a way to deal with the challenges. We change self-doubt and negative thoughts, strengthen good decision-making, and develop creative life strategies.  We get you back on track.

Relief is possible. For you and your family.

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